Patrimonial right of the family

How do I obtain the share of the estate after a death or divorce?

International successions

Are you Spanish or French-speaking and have inherited an estate in Spain or in France? Does the inheritance involve several properties in Spain or in France? We can assist you, and even represent you all the way, taking care of all the stages related to the relevant authorities. Our mission:
  • Speak to the notaries in charge of your inheritance, in your country and in Spain, and with the local administration, liaising between you, your family and any other parties involved in the matter.
  • Handle all the formalities required by the relevant regulations related to the deeds (notarial deed, declaration of inheritance, real estate certificate, etc.), until the division is made effective.
  • Seek ways to resolve amicably any inheritance conflicts you may come across.

Settlement of divorce cases

Are you divorced in your country of origin, and do you have estate to be shared in France or in Spain? Does the notary public or solicitor handling your divorce requires the intervention of a lawyer to handle the formalities broad? Maître IVERN-THIEBART’s experience in divorce cases will enable you to overcome any or all hurdles you are liable to encounter when terminating your marriage. You will be presented with the best strategy to reach an amicable solution in the event of ongoing dispute, and to agree on a definite division of the estate involved in the dispute.