An international career

With two master’s degrees in European Law obtained at two universities in Paris (Paris I and Paris II – Panthéon-Sorbonne), and a Paris Bar Examination (Certificat d’Aptitude à la Profession d’Avocat, CAPA Paris), Maitre IVERN-THIEBART started practicing as a Lawyer in International Affairs before later focusing on more judicial activities. Interested in diversifying her areas of professional competences, she has represented, in different sectors, both private persons and French and foreign companies in French courts. After a long career in both legal counsel and in court, Maitre IVERN-THIEBART specialized in property law and in family law when she set up her practice in 1996.

A professional practice focused on French-Spanish relationships

cherche femme sterile pour mariage After graduating from the University San Pablo-CEU in Madrid and passing the Spanish Bar exams, in 2000 she became a member of the Bar of Barcelona, the city of her origins.

delete my account on uniform dating With this dual membership of the Bars of Paris and Barcelona, she decided to focus her professional activities on French and Spanish property law.

dating madrid english Set up in Paris since the beginning of her career, in 2009 she opened a second practice in Palamós, on the Costa Brava, the emblematic cost in the province of Gerona. This second practice would take her closer to her French-speaking clients.

recherche femme en france Since 2013, Maître IVERN-THIEBART has also been practicing in Marbella, where the real estate market is particularly attractive to French buyers.

In 2014, she followed a training in property management in Barcelona.

Her Clients

Her clients in Spain are mainly private people, investors, and real estate companies based in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland. In France, her clients are Spanish and South-American nationals.