Which is your next property project?

singlebörse kostenlos und ohne registrierung A holiday home, a rental investment, forthcoming retirement?

A holiday home?
A family home?
Your dream villa?
A place to relax?
A loft?
A building plot?

Legal and administrative steps

In Spain, retaining the services of a lawyer is an absolute must, as the role of the notary public is very limited. As opposed to France, the notary public only appears in the final stages of a conveyance operation, when the sale/purchase deed is signed. All the preliminary verifications, often very complex, related to the legal and tax situation of the property can be risky and affect the entire operation. These formalities must be taken care of, so you can be registered in Spain and thus act accordingly:
  • Obtain your ID for Foreigners (NIE)
  • Obtain the VAT Id number (NIF) for Foreign Property Companies
  • Registration of French Property Companies in Spain
  • Power of attorney (before a notary or consulate) in the event of representing a client
  • Strict verifications at the corresponding tax and administrative authorities, state of indebtedness, and the legal situation of the property
  • Obtain all the necessary certificates to ensure the progress of the operations
  • Control and, if necessary, adapt the property to current urban regulations
  • Obtain all the permits and licences needed to build your new home or carry out works


My practice will accompany you since the onset of the negotiations, to verify the veracity and solidity of the project proposed by the seller’s real estate agency, or to draw up customized Spanish or bilingual contracts, ensuring and preserving your rights, while awaiting the notarisation of the conveyance. We propose the following services in Spain:
  • Signature of the deeds and payment conditions by all the parties
  • Prepare all the contracts, especially the “Earnest Money agreement”
  • Take care of all the legal steps with the banks, in the event of a mortgage or foreclosure on the property
  • Obtain the release of all the entries in the Property Registry (Registro de la Propiedad) that are liable to hinder the disposal of the property
  • Verify the notarial deeds are registered with the relevant authorities
  • After the purchase, prepare the rental contracts (holiday or full time) if the property was bought for rental purposes
  • The later modification of how your estate is split: segregation, aggregation, or grouping
Regulations in France are more formal. We will help you to preserve your estate counselling you on how to manage it, helping you with all the formalities related to the notary public and the relevant administration. We can help you and represent you at every stage of the purchase.